Friday, March 6, 2009

i know. i know. i hardly ever put stuff on this blog. i generally save your reading energies for when i have guests in the studio... or disgusting pictures of the bottom of my foot. hey, we're all going green right? saving your reading energies is just my way of helping to save the planet.

the reason i'm typing this is to urge you to help bring me into the world of FACEBOOK. i thought i could ignore it and it would go away. but, apparently, that's not the case. there's a link on the right side of this page, or just go here...

wow! a real entry.

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  1. Hey there Jim Bone, ( Morning D.J. & radio host..97.9X, pa.) Your morning show is terrific. I listen to it whenever I'm on the road which isn't a lot but I have ONE MAJOR GRIPE with both you & Michele.....I've heard the two of you, especially you,Jim, using really baaaaad grammar....actually, just one terribly incorrect verb usage. Under no circumstances should you ever be saying, "Could have went or should have went, or would have went." NO SUCH THING!!!! It's "Could have GONE, should have GONE, Would have GONE." You use WENT when you're saying, "He went, they went, she went, we all went", blah, blah, bla..Next you'll be saying, "Should have CAME", or some equally as retarded bad grammar! Dude, you're in the communications business...speak like it for Christ's sake!!!! BTW, please play more Disturbed. Thanks, Judi Gardner